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How We Work

Your Financial Success

Since 2005, members of our team have guided families in living more financially intentional lives by better understanding what they would like to accomplish. Understanding your lifestyle and desires for the long-term will be instrumental in planning your future. 

  • Wish/Want/Need - Our Discovery Team will begin by setting expectations and gathering relevant data.

  • Developing Your Plan - After analyzing your data, our financial professionals will engineer a comprehensive financial plan.

  • Your Plan in Motion - Once we agree upon an effective plan, our Operations Team will execute your plan and maintain communication so that you can focus on living. 


How do you currently prioritize your spending?  This simple exercise will help you understand all your financial desires and when you want to achieve them.

On a piece of paper, draw three rows and label them  'Wish,' 'Want,' and 'Need.'  Draw three columns and label them 'Short,' 'Medium,' and 'Long.'  Next to your grid, write out all your financial desires.  List everything - retirement, remodeling your home, college savings - everything!  Some clients find it easiest to start with their wishes, while others prefer to focus on needs.  If you are in a relationship, this process may help align your spending goals.

Now, fill in your grid by prioritizing your desires and determining how crucial each one is.  Ex., paying off credit card debt may be a short-term need, whereas a Hawaiian vacation could be a medium-term wish.  Understand that your financial goals may move around this grid as your life changes.  This is a process, not a plan

Understanding Your Current Financial Situation

Before we can begin, we need to understand where you are financially.  You have two options:

High-tech: AdviceWorks.  Utilizing AdviceWorks allows us to securely collaborate on your financial plan by integrating your real-time investment and bank accounts, mortgage, real estate and other assets and liabilities all in one place.  This will provide you with a balance sheet, cash flow analysis report, and an editable financial plan with Monte Carlo projection.  Using this tool with your trusted Advisor will allow more accurate adjustments to life's curve-balls and windfalls.

Low-tech: Client intake form and financial statements. . Using our traditional client intake forms, while effective, does requires more updating on your part to deliver ongoing planning and advice.

In order for us to live up to our standards, we need either option completed, updated, and submitted before your appointment. 

Developing Your Plan

Financial Plan Proposal

Once we have gathered all your relevant financial information, we will begin analyzing your data and developing a financial plan to accomplish your goals.  To do this, we use our proprietary  GR4TCCTM financial planning method to deliver effective and efficient comprehensive financial plans.

Using this data, strategic partners, a plethora of research, and your help, together we will build a portfolio to serve your plan. 

We believe that value investing is one of the safest ways for you to pursue your goals when your investments are properly balanced and diversified.  We utilize outside management for other styles of investing such as: factor investing, speculation, newer technology adoption, options trading, and most of our foreign investing.

Review and Agree

In our first virtual or face to face meeting, we will discuss the broad strokes of your plan.  At any point during this meeting you may inform us that you will be hiring us and our team will begin executing the required paperwork as we continue the evolution of your plan.  Today we need an effective plan, we have a life time to make it more efficient.

Yearly, you can expect to receive our 5-point portfolio check prior to your annual review.

Your Plan in Motion

Our team will execute your paperwork, follow up on transfers, automate what we can, and provide relevant new information that may effect your plan.  Once we have an effective plan, we will want to see you once a year to update and enhance your plan.

What is 'Living Intentionally'?

We’ve agreed on a plan and a process, now it’s time to start living it.  For most of our clients, living intentionally is a matter of efficiencies and prioritizing their many wishes, wants, and needs.  For others, this may mean shifting spending behaviors; while purchasing one latte a day may not seem like much, at $5 each, that's about $1,825 in unplanned spending per year. 

AdviceWorks - Understanding How to Use This Collaborative Tool

AdviceWorks has many functions to help you understand your current finances and help accomplish your goals:

  • Total Net-Worth  What am I worth?  All of your assets, linked or manually entered, minus all of your liabilities.  Enjoy a real-time balance sheet and make sure that your net-worth is heading in the direction that you intend.
  • My Spending and My Budget – Ever wonder where all your money goes?  Stop wondering and take a look at the "My Spending" and "My Budget"  modules for a real-time cash flow analysis.
  • Roadmap – Am I on track to meet my goals?  After you’ve made a budget for your household, you can make individual budgets for your family members.
  • My Documents - Statements, Tax documents, digital filing system, file sharing tool, and secure cloud storage

For assistance please call 1-888-443-6380 Monday through Friday 7:30am to 5:30pm CST. 

Life Changes and Plan Adjustment 

If you have changes in your life that impact your goals, contact us to discuss adjustments to your plan.  

We are here to encourage, remind, and support you in your efforts to live intentionally.  To better assist you we have many resources available on our site.  For informative articles, news, and financial updates follow us on Facebook or Linkedin.

All investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal.  There is no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful.  A diversified portfolio does not assure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market.