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Our Philosophies

Our Client Care Philosophy

We believe it is important to invest our time to understand your goals before you invest your money. Working closely with you and your CPA, attorney, or other professionals, we can help determine the most appropriate financial strategy for you and your family. We will also help with your retirement savings so you have as many options as possible when you retire, regardless of what you want to do.

Our Financial Planning Process and Investment Philosophy

In our financial planning process, we use GR4TCC which stands for Goal > Risk Capacity > Risk Tolerance > Risk/Return > Taxes > Complexity > Cost. This process is what we use to deliver effective and efficient financial plans. To break down what this means, we first take into account your goals (G). You hold your personal goals to be of the utmost importance because these goals support you, your family, and your desires. In order to reach these goals, we then want to minimize the risk (R4). By operating within your risk capacity and risk tolerance, we strive to maximize your risk weighted return. After taking into account your risk, we look in the various factors that can negatively impact your plan, which include taxes, complexity, and cost. We want to reduce the negative impact of taxes, which we do by implementing strategies from your tax preparer (T). And lastly, we strive to keep the complexity and cost of your plan to appropriate levels (CC). With goal, risk capacity, risk tolerance, risk/return, taxes, complexity, and cost combined together, we get our process of GR4TCC.

With this process in mind, Dustin uses fundamental analysis to identify investment vehicles (stocks, bonds, CDs, ETFs, and mutual funds) that allow our clients to pursue their financial obligations and goals. Your portfolio is integrated into your individual plan. There is a wealth of information and research from: Standard and Poors, Morningstar, Strategic Partner's materials, and countless other sources that we use to identify and vet our investments. Utilizing his CFP® and AAMS™ education/training and over 30 years of personal and 14 years of professional experience, we create portfolios and models that place our clients’ assets on the appropriate area of the efficient frontier in relation to their risk tolerance and risk capacity. Dustin believes that value investing is one of the safest ways for you to reach your goals when properly balanced and diversified. For areas that Dustin has not mastered such as speculative investing, we outsource to product partners that have experience and success in each style box or asset class.

Investing involves risks including possible loss of principal. No investment strategy or risk management technique can guarantee return or eliminate risk in all market environments.