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About DM Brown Financial Services

About DM Brown Financial Services

We are committed to our clients. By creating and maintaining comprehensive financial plans that strive to exceed their financial goals, we desire clients to maintain the lifestyle that they are accustomed to, with the goal of insulating them from unexpected life events.

That's why we believe it is important to invest our time to understand what you are working toward before you invest your money. Working closely with you and your CPA, attorney and other professionals, we can help determine the most appropriate financial strategy for you and your family. We can also assist with your retirement savings, so you have more options when you retire, regardless of what you want to do and value.

Helping you Live Intentionally

Our client-centric culture keeps the focus on each family's goals and values. Through this approach, we help guide clients to live intentional financial lives, transitioning wealth through the generations of their families.  As a result of so many 2nd and 3rd generation clients, we are currently only accepting client referrals and members of existing client families. This may change when we locate a Junior Advisor who always puts the clients needs before his own interest.