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Safe, Sane and Productive

Safe, Sane and Productive

| April 28, 2020
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Nearly a decade ago when I was newly married, my wife was in Medical School in Tucson.  I would visit her for the weekend and stay for the week.  The challenge was in how to keep the ship on track when the captain is on leave.  Here is what we found to work  best for our team.  Working remote is an adjustment, but here are some tips to make sure you are still productive from a veteran wandering worker:

  • Start every day by doing something for your health and improve on it the next day. Plant this seed and water it if you want it to grow. It can be as easy as eating your first blueberry.
  • Next, check in on your immediate family. Doing this early gives you a hard stop time because now you have to start your work day.
  • "Clock in" like you would any other day, appropriately dressed, and ready to be productive (shaving is now optional given the demands being put on our supply chains) 
  • Follow your normal routine.  Our office uses a modified version of our client Wish Want Need process:  

Need/Chores: Things I must do everyday period: maintenance.  Most of these come naturally to you, but if you find you are missing one, write it down until you have the habit.  I list mine in case I get lost in transitioning between tasks and to return to productive time after the deluge of market alerts, calls, emails, staff questions, and whirlwind items we all understand. I have to be guided to lunch, now I have an alarm. At the office Tyler has a line item on his daily needs "feed Dustin".  What part of your daily routine is missing from the office?  My staff did most of my chores for me.  Now I have to figure out all of the little things that I didn't notice were done.  

Wants/Work: Things we enjoy doing in our jobs and lives that provide economic benefit.  Production is the driving force behind your wage increases and the driver of revenue.  How can you streamline these things so that you can get more work and more pay?  This is where you can clock out, but if you wish you got paid more or had that promotion you have been dreaming of, here is your time to plant a seed.

Wish/Hobby/Enhancement/Seed: A short term Wish is a Dream that you didn't plant or water.  I wish I had an apple tree but I didn't plant that tree years ago and don't get free apples today. What seeds should you plant today to make your future better? Should you help a co worker with their load, evolve a process, take an optional training video, start an online class, learn an instrument, fund an extra account...?  Trust me that online streaming show will still be there after you plant your desired outcome.

My wish list is what keeps me moving during the day.  If I follow my grid and use a method to manage distractions, breaks, and "water cooler" time, I will have time to take lead on a new client. Or I get to read those 10 articles that I opened in a new tab before quickly getting back to my chores and work.  With the kids being home my new skill is to sing a silly song about how things and people aren't innately good or bad. How you use them can change them which is good if you create but bad if you intentionally destroy.  

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